How to achieve your 2018 wish

How to achieve your 2018 wish

We’re almost a week into 2018. How’s it going for you? Enjoying it? I hope you are!

Did you make any New Years resolutions?

Two of mine are that I will read more and sleep more (because I’m tired of people meeting me and telling me how tired I look!)

What do you want for yourself in 2018? Did you set realistic goals? (reading more is definitely realistic for me, not so sure about the sleeping one…)

Back when I struggled with social anxiety, I developed an image of how I wanted to be. Now, every birthday and New Year I evaluate where I am against where I wish to be and set goals to reach the next step.

Give it a go yourself:

Where do you wish you could be in 5 years? Push the boat out here, I don’t want you to set a goal that you already know you can achieve. I want you to set a goal that is way outside of your comfort zone.

A lot of people fail at their goals because they start out too big, too soon. What I want you to do is break your goal down into manageable steps.

Ask yourself these questions to help you and I’ll take you through how I decided on my reading goal.

Where am I now? Be completely honest with yourself! I love books, so I keep buying them! But I normally find myself too busy to read them. Every so often I feel bad for not reading enough so I binge read a book which is great because I can tick it off my list but not so great when I can’t remember anything about it.

What is a realistic step that I can consistently achieve? If I said that I was going to read for 1 hour every single day I would have already failed (I’m writing this on the 4th January!) because my work schedule just doesn’t allow for that. There are two days a week when I know that I won’t have time to read anything. On the remaining 5 days, I know that I can find 30 minutes to read.

How committed am I to doing this? If you aren’t 100% committed then you’re going to really struggle to step outside of your comfort zone. I’m pretty darn committed to reading more because I’m on a book buying ban until I have read the last 4 books that I bought. If you look at what you’ve written and it feels too big to do as often as you know you should then that’s absolutely fine, just keep trimming it down until you know that you can achieve it – but don’t make it so easy that you aren’t pushing yourself.

Do I have what I need to be able to do this? I need 30 minutes of peace, a comfortable chair, and a highlighter – all pretty easy for me to get as a therapist. Do you have what you need? If not, how can you get it?

Now you know what you need to do to achieve your goal, good luck!

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