Do you feel anxious a lot of the time? Or do you think that it's impossible to be happy?

Do you struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep? Alternatively, do you think about embarrassing things that happened years ago?

Maybe you overthink everything? Does the thought of having the attention on you make you feel sick with worry?

Do you feel that you're always trying to be perfect? Or that you're always trying to meet the expectations of others?

Perhaps you constantly put other people first, or you feel that, no matter what you do, you're just not good enough?

If you answered yes to some of those questions, it's possible (if not probable) that you're suffering from anxiety which is being triggered by low self-esteem.

I specialise in helping adults to be happy and confident by overcoming anxiety and increasing their self-esteem.

It is, unfortunately, common for young adults to experience anxiety. In my experience, the vast majority of the anxiety suffered at this time of your life is a symptom of low self-esteem.

Counselling can be a great way of controlling anxiety and improving your self-esteem, which means that you may never experience problematic anxiety again, which is fantastic!

There are often complex reasons why you might have low self-esteem; this can make it challenging to deal with on your own. Low self-esteem often gets worse over time, leading to other problems such as anxiety and depression.

The very nature of having low self-esteem and anxiety can make it difficult to talk to friends and family about how you're feeling. When you can speak to family and friends, sometimes their well-intentioned attempts to help can make you feel worse.

Following my own experiences with low self-esteem and the anxiety and depression that this often leads to as well as training to be a counsellor, I have been able to develop a very effective counselling process.

As a specialist, you can relax in the knowledge that I have the training and experience to know how best to support you which means that you can focus on achieving your goal of being happy and confident.

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