I am a professional counsellor specialising in helping adults who are suffering from social anxiety.

Social anxiety is awful to live with. It can suck the joy out of everything that "should" be fun. It can cut you off from your friends and family, leaving you living in constant fear of doing or saying something stupid.

It can make you feel that you don't fit in, you're never good enough and that people are talking about you behind your back.

Living with social anxiety can be utterly exhausting! Constantly needing to be alert, looking for warning signs that other people are judging you or that you're being "weird".

Counselling is a great way to overcome social anxiety and be the happy, confident person that you want to be.

In a nutshell, counselling helps us to explore why you have social anxiety and, in turn, that will show us how to help you overcome it.

I have a fair amount of experience as a therapist and, more specifically, of helping people with social anxiety (roughly 70% of my clients are seeing me to help them with social anxiety).

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